Custom Built Kitchen Cabinets CT

Alan Dinsmoor Contracting Services will custom build your kitchen cabinets at a great price. Compare our custom built cabinets to any big box store's top of the line cabinetry, quality and pricing. With us you get a far better quality product for your money as well as more options to choose from. When you are in the market for a great kitchen, you're going to need a great contractor who is going to make sure your cabinets are designed for functionality, ease of operation, and above all, who's going to make sure your installation is done right.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

When we reface your kitchen we replace all the old doors, drawer fronts and drawer boxes with new ones. Additionally, let's say you want to add on to your existing cabinets or create an island; maybe install a newer, larger refrigerator; add an over the stove microwave oven or install a double wall oven. The list is long and very exciting. Just because you're refacing your cabinets doesn't mean you're restricted from modifying the existing kitchen.

Kitchen Refacing in CT is Very Cost Effective

When a good kitchen refacing project is complete it will look as good or even better than newly installed cabinets! There is no limit to the designs and color changes we can make to your kitchen cabinets and most refacing projects can be completed in only 2 days. Refacing your kitchen in CT is a very wise choice if your cabinets are in good shape, because the cost is reduced by as much as 50% off that of entirely replacing your cabinets.

Cabinet Installation

Installation of cabinetry may seem like a simple task. However, if perfection is what you're after it's not that simple. Under cabinet moldings, crown moldings, under cabinet lighting, handling of the products, where to place nail holes, gaps where the cabinets are supposed to be fit tightly to the walls, unleveled floors and ceilings all require special attention if it's to be perfect.

This is where our 35 years of experience pays off. We know what it takes for a great kitchen project. From start to finish, we handle all the construction aspects to get your project done right - flooring, drywall, painting, trimming, electrical, plumbing, planning and design!

All Materials We Use Are Made in the USA

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